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Native Plant Guide

Irrigation Management

The Irrigation Managment Assistant is available for Summer 2018! Click on the image to access the tool.

IMA Tool

If you are interested in exact ET amounts, please go to:



East Otter Tail SWCD services include:

Abandoned Well Sealing Cost Share

On-Farm Nitrogen Management Program

Conservation Program Assistance (CRPCCRP, and RIM)

District Tree Program

Erosion Control Assistance

Grants Administration

Grass Planting and Design


Low Interest Septic Compliance Loans

Outreach and Education

Shoreland Restoration

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Programs

Walk-In Access Program

Wetland Conservation Act (WCA)

Wetland Reserve Program (WRP)

Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM)

State Cost Share


The SWCD offers several native seed mixes to meet your needs.  Whether it's for CRP or your own personal needs, we will provide high quality clean native seed for your project.  We ensure the seed mixes we develop meet or exceed the standards required for state and federal cost share programs.     

Native grasses and wildflowers have adapted to our soils and climate over thousands of years. They have many benefits including: Better establishment (especially on poor, droughty, or flood prone soils); Development of extensive root systems that exclude weed seedlings, which reduces long term maintenance; providing excellent erosion control and wildlife habitat, and adding beauty with wildflowers--different blooms for every season.


Marion Gill

Check out our Native Plant Guide here!


Our mission is to be the link between you and the technical and financial resources needed to achieve your conservation goals. To achieve this, the SWCD works with a broad range of programs and partners. These are a few of the programs we work with and the partners that provide them.


Programs with our Natural Resource Conservation Service partners

Programs with the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources

The state cost share fund is used to help landowners install windbreaks, shelterbelts, stream and lakeshore erosion control, and other conservation practices with 75% cost sharing. A ten year agreement to maintain the practice is required.


The Reinvest in Minnesota program is an easement program with a variety of options depending on the site and feature to be protected. Payments vary with the feature and level of protection.


The East Otter Tail County Agricultural Inspector is housed in the EOT SWCD office.  The County Agricultural Inspector (CAI) works cooperatively with township Local Weed Inspectors (LWI) to enforce the Minnesota Noxious Weed Law.  The law is put in place to protect residents and land from the harmful effects of noxious weeds.  If you would like to report noxious weeds, please contact your township LWI, city official, or the EOT County Agricultural Inspector. 

---> 2015 General Noxious Weed Notice <---

Click on the links below for weed identification and management resources.

Township Local Weed Inspector Resources

The SWCD works with local communities to protect their drinking water sources.


The State offers low interest loans through local lenders for conservation practices, equipment, and environmental protection projects.


The Wetland Conservation Act of 1991, which is administered locally by the EOT SWCD, regulates the alteration of wetlands. Wetlands can be difficult to identify because they can be areas with occasional standing water, temporarily flooded potholes, shallow and deep marshes, shrub swamps, wet meadows, or even some forested areas. The Wetland Conservation Act requires that certain steps be taken before attempting to drain, fill, or excavate wetland.  Contact our office for more information.